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The talent, THE Object AND THE initiative OF 2017!
A promising talented designer, an innovative creation and a new entrepreunerial approach were awarded at the unanimity by the jury.
The Jury : Aline Asmar d'Amman (Architect, Interior designer, Artistic Director), Marc Baroud (Designer, Director of the Design Department at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts), Marianne Brabant (from the Modern and Contemporary Department of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs de Paris), India Mahdavi (Architect, Interior Designer, Designer) and Mathias Ohrel (founder of m-O Conseil, a recruitment agency for all companies with strong creative content).

Selection Committee
Anastasia Nysten
The Talent Award was given to Anastasia Nysten. Her design is representative of a new and cosmopolitan generation of Lebanese designers. Her energy contributes to this effervescence and symbolizes a young generation rising around the world. Her last creation Troll has been particularly appreciated.
Anastasia Nysten

The Object Award, Stouff designed by MAD Architecture & Design offers a new interpretation of a traditional usage.
For Marie-Lyne Samaha and Antony Daher, "Stouff  is an object which carries the weight of cultural heritage, a symbol of a singular art de vivre which, through innovation and optimization of its design, is bound to transcend boundaries."
Stouff, by MAD Architecture & Design
Render Design
The Initiative Award has honored the dynamic collaboration of two women united in creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Joy Mardini, creator of Joy Mardini Design Gallery, and Amar A. Zahr, founder of Beirut Art Residency, together launched a design residency program. Each year, two international designers are invited to work in Lebanon with the goal of creating a work inspired by Lebanese craftmanship. The outcome is a must see! /
Joy Mardini and Amar A. Zahr
The list of exhibitors is available HERE !
September 21st to 24th, 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm :  Free public access



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