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Quality First!
Remaining true to the promises of its first edition, Beirut Design Fair continues to take the utmost care in the structure of its Selection Committee to reflect its positioning and vision.

The fair founders and the Committee will work alongside, developing and fostering a selection based on quality, creativity, diversity, innovation and ancestral know-how. The Lebanese design scene is deeply rooted, plural, dynamic, and connected to the contemporary world, in perpetual reinvention.

Seeking quality first and foremost, the role of the Selection Committee is to allow the fair to find a balance between national and international exhibitors, between established and emerging or independent designers, Lebanese or International. This interaction is essential to maintain the primary orientation of Beirut Design Fair: to become the design showcase of the Mediterranean, where all collaborations are made possible beyond frontiers.
The Selection Committee is formed
Aline Asmar d’Amman, Lina Ghotmeh, Karim Chaya, Marc Baroud and Mathias Ohrel embrace a close relationship to Beirut, this ever-evolving city with a particular openness to the contemporary world. Interior architects, architects, designers, creative minds, and unique talent hunters, they all hold mankind in the core of their endeavours. They will participate closely to the elaboration of the fair, the selection of exhibitors, and the grant of the three Design Awards of the 2018 edition.

Furthermore, Lebanese architect and renowned interior designer Aline Asmar d’Amman was chosen as the Ambassador of Beirut Design Fair. Her exuberant energy, generosity, enthusiasm, and singular expertise are the perfect combination to become the advocate for Beirut Design Fair, an event with an international calling.
Aline Asmar d'Amman
Born in Beirut in the context of war and adversity, Aline Asmar d’Amman built a shield made of words, literature and artistic references, an armor against external chaos. Void and demolition forged her aesthetic for theatrical settings and cathedrals of light; she naturally turned to architecture in a country of rebirth and reconstruction. ... More

Lina Ghotmeh
Lina Ghotmeh is an award‐winning Architect. She is the founder of Paris based international and multidisciplinary practice Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture. Working across scales and geographies, Lina Ghotmeh draws her international reputation from her persona and a series of cutting edge yet extremely sensitive designs ...  More

Karim Chaya
After graduating in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, Beirut born Karim Chaya co‐founded Abillama Chaya Industrial Design in 1997. ACID, which specializes in design, manufacturing and installation of architectural detailing, currently employs 170 craftsmen, architects, and administrators, and handles projects ...  More

Marc Baroud
Marc Baroud is a designer, with work spanning over various fields. His enthusiasm for new ventures led him to experiment his approach in projects that are seemingly unrelated to design. In his method, the process is designed first, thus turning it into a stand-alone outcome as this process takes a form of its own. In 2012, he founded ... More

Mathias Ohrel
When Kenzo Takada left his eponymous label, nearly 20 years ago, Mathias Ohrel was in the house and created an avatar for the most Parisian of Japanese designers: kOzen ([kaos]&[zen]). It was a cultural label designed to edit the brand’s communication projects, art sponsorships, events, books, special projects ... More
apply now !
If you wish to be part of the second edition of Beirut Design Fair, applications are open
until June 24th.
  To apply for participation, follow the steps below :

Download the Application Form, fill it in and save it.
List the designers you will be exhibiting (except for SPOT ON ! application).
Select 3 representative pictures (JPEG, 300dpi) of the works you plan to exhibit.
Send the Application Form + list of designers + 3 pictures to
Receive a confirmation email,  that your application is going to be submitted to the Selection Commitee.
For further information,
please contact Hala Moubarak, Head of Exhibitors Relations
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