Beirut Design Fair : a new fair in town !
The first edition of Beirut Design Fair will be held in Beirut, Lebanon, from 20 to 24 September 2017. This international event is organized in partnership with the 8th edition of Beirut Art Fair, the Lebanese Contemporary Art Fair (23,000 visitors in 2016).
Beirut Design Fair aims to gather the most important actors - designers, editors, brands, distributors - and to connect them with collectors, contractors, sponsors and investors present in Beirut, this fertile city in constant development and home to countless innovative projects: hotels, restaurants, luxury residences and offices.
Joining Beirut Design Fair as an exhibitor positions participants in the forefront of the design market in the Middle East, opens up many regional or international markets and gives them global visibility. On the other hand, the Beirut Design Fair organizers, with the support of a strong international committee, will enlighten exhibitors and contributors and reinforce their international connections and visibility.

Beirut, a strong driving scene
The originality uniqueness of the Lebanese design scene is partly explained by the level of local expectations in terms of quality : a pronounced sensitivity for materials, know-how and attention to details.
The encounter between the rich and scintillating offer - its vibrant inspiration - on one side and the enlightened demand of the contractors - connoisseurs who are demanding- on the other, produces a fertile emulation and brilliant creativity.
Beirut does not fit into the classic copy-paste gesture, but in the original proposal, the singular solution. Most Lebanese designers rely on local craftsmen not only to create their prototypes and limited series, but also for the inspiration behind their work.
The inspired imagination combined with the Lebanese art of living produces a very attractive result for buyers and contractors. If you raise a corner of this veil, it is partly the secret of this scene that appears, the knot of this market.

BDF 2017 : how to apply
If you wish to be part of the very first edition of Beirut Design Fair 2017, applications are open
until May 31st.  To apply for participation, follow the steps below :

Download the Presentation Document and the Application Form.
Fill in the application form (pdf format) and save it.
List the designers you will be exhibiting (except for SPOT ON ! application).
Select 3 representative pictures (JPEG, 300dpi) of the works you plan to exhibit.
Send the Application Form + list of designers + 3 pictures to
Receive a confirmation email,  that your application is going to be submitted to the Selection Commitee.

Save the dates
March 1st : Applications opening.
May 31st : Applications closing.
June 5th to 16th :  Shipping procedures (intercontinental exhibitors).
July 25th :  Sending of forms (Signboard information, Booth sketch, Extra orders...).
September 1st :  Sending of Proof of insurance.
September 19th to 20th :  Exhibitor’s installation.
September 20th :  Official inauguration (VIP opening & preview) + Gala dinner.
For further information,
please contact Hala Moubarak, Head of Exhibitors Relations



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